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  • Everything in Community Membership PLUS:
    • Interactive Book: The Ultimate Birthday Party (Digital Version)
      Dive into Digital Adventure: Get instant access to the interactive digital version of "The Ultimate Birthday Party." Engage with a story that changes based on your choices, providing a unique and personal reading experience every time.
    • Personalized Profile and Report (Coming in 2024)
      Discover Your Unique Journey: Soon, you’ll have access to a dynamic, personalized profile and report. This feature will provide insights into the choices you make within the MindVenture books, what they reveal about your personality and preferences, and how it compares to our other Premium members.
    • Customizable Character Names (Coming in 2024)
      Personalize Your Story: Enhance your reading experience by changing the names and pronouns of characters in "The Ultimate Birthday Party" to those of your own friends and family. Create a truly personal and immersive story!
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    • 4 Additional Licenses for Family and Friends
      Share the Adventure: Your membership includes four extra licenses for your children, partner, or friends. Spread the joy of reading and exploring personality types with those closest to you.
    • 'Family Manager' License Management
      Control with Ease: Manage your licenses effectively as the “Family Manager.” You have the flexibility to invite or remove members at any time, ensuring your family and friends enjoy the MindVenture experience alongside you.
    • Paperback Book: The Ultimate Birthday Party (Coming in 2024)
      Anticipate the Paperback Release: Be one of the first to receive one copy of the paperback edition of "The Ultimate Birthday Party" upon its release in 2024. A tangible adventure awaits to add to your physical collection!
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    • Contact us to discuss bulk licensing.
      Share the Adventure: Your membership includes extra licenses for your students, employees or group members. Spread the joy of reading and exploring personality types with those closest to you.